You ever walk into someone's place and just get hit with a completely different lifestyle?

Deep Talks

The boys are back.. but we decided to dive into a few questions that challenges our brain cells.

In todays episode of Fruits of out Labour the guys discussed how low in age they are comfortable dating... Also how high.

What are the lengths you would go for your single friend?

With the Derrick Chauvin being founded guilty on all charges against murdering George Floyd, we at Fruits of our Labour celebrate justice finally being served. Also we already know who the biggest bean is. Big shout out to CKMS 102.7 Radio waterloo for hosting this episode ON AIR! 

Leo Graduated

In the midst of all of the negative news, Our local mandem Leo likkle Stylaz is graduating from College, can we get a YEERRRR!


This Fruits of our Labour episode is dedicated to Earl Simmons also known as DMX, may you rest in power king.

Is having dinner with an ex to let them have the closure they seek considered cheating? The mandems give you their uneducated opinions, and speak with their chest.

How do you get rid of random drugs you find? Or do you just leave it there?

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