Today the mandems talk about what conspiracies they have heard throughout their lives. Just like normal, we will talk our smack. P.S we got a special guest.

This episode will go down as a huge milestone for the mandems, we got our first guest, Shaq Provo who is your local Toronto ARTIST! Get the title right. Show some love to Shaq Provo, check out his music, give a follow on his Instagram page, and help us grow.

What is a main topic anyways? We don't know, we just talk a whole lot of nothing.

Mental Health

Why is it that some people are able to manage their mental health and others are not? what is the science behind it? The mandems speak on their uneducated opinions on mental health and what they feel like the problem really is. Also R.I.P to Chadwick Boseman, there are  no words that can ever describe how much of an emotional hit the world took, sending all the love to his family.


Why do people cheat? Who cheats more? What are the repercussion of an unfaithful partner? The mandems will give you their uneducated opinions on the topic of infidelity in the 21st century. Follow fruits of our labour on Instagram at fruitsofourlabour_  and send us your thoughts on the cheating culture.

We Bac

Like an absent father on draft day, we back in your lives, join the mandems as we try to catch up with the times.

Feminism 2020

How far have we come in terms of feminism? we almost saw our first female president, we saw a rise of multiple movements such as "Me Too", the mandems speak their ignorant minds on feminism. 

Toronto Music

Is Toronto Music Booming? What is it about Toronto music that turns you on/off? The mandems speak on their thoughts on Music in Toronto. Also, approach with caution, Corona virus makes a guest appearance. 

The Boys speak on the topic of college vs university and the negative attention that may surround going to college instead of university as well as speaking on the importance of education in society today. Also if you need to go to post secondary school to be successful.

Today's topic the boys will dwell into some controversial statements. Can philly walk to Rabba safely? Does Sebbi hate the secret service? Lots of questions, and such little time..... except this episode went way past our 20 minute mark.

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