Cancel Comedy

Todays main topic revolves around the conversation of comedy. How far is too far, do we have the right to get upset? also random bonus question, when is J.Cole dropping some new music? Don't forget to send your thoughts and ideas @fruitsofourlabour_ on instagram. 

R.I.P Culture

Why is it that we feel the need to hop on the hype train whenever someone have passed away? Another uneducated opinion from the mandems.

We did not want to bring this topic out, but it seems like certain people in the world are a bit confused. Sit back, and relax while listening to our uneducated opinion on cultural appropriation.

Canadian politics just got lit! We talking Trudeau, we talking Rob Ford, we talking all dat. Join the mandems on another great episode of Fruits of our Labour.

Here is a few tips for Toronto mans specifically. The guys at Fruits of our Labour have been conducting the finest interviews and have been listening intensely to bring you some tips on how to deal with 2020. Oh and you're welcome.

We don't know who needs to hear this, but stop spending your money flexing, it is the reason you are broke and will remain broke.

Today the mandems bring in a special guest from NFE (No. Fathers. Entertainment).  Don't press play if you're not ready for positive vibes to better lives #notarapper.


The guys of Fruits of our Labour would like to reach out to all of our friends and families that are affected by the conflict happening in Armenia, check up on your love ones and do your googles. 


Today the mandems talk about what conspiracies they have heard throughout their lives. Just like normal, we will talk our smack. P.S we got a special guest.

This episode will go down as a huge milestone for the mandems, we got our first guest, Shaq Provo who is your local Toronto ARTIST! Get the title right. Show some love to Shaq Provo, check out his music, give a follow on his Instagram page, and help us grow.

What is a main topic anyways? We don't know, we just talk a whole lot of nothing.

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